The 7 Most Expensive Movies Ever Made

festivalboss/ February 18, 2016/ General, Movies/ 0 comments

Cinematography has sparked the world’s interest for close to a century. With the new surges in animation, movie productions have grown in size and consequentially, funding. The scale of the biggest blockbusters’ influence on pop-culture was only matched by one thing: the sheer enormity of the budget they required. Surprisingly enough, the 7 most expensive movies ever made might however

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The Best Fantasy Movies in 2015

festivalboss/ February 16, 2016/ General, Movies/ 0 comments

2015 has been a very good for fantasy movies. Some of the popular ones are: 1. INSIDE OUT This movie, by Pixar is probably the best fantasy movie that released in 2015. It takes us inside the mind of Riley, an 11 year old kid. There are five emotions residing in Riley’s head. One of them is Joy whose job

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Arts And Entertainment… The Way to Happiness

festivalboss/ February 16, 2016/ Entertainment, General, Movies/ 1 comments

Happiness needs to be fed as well as dreams and without proper nutrition it can lead to a lot of contagious misery. Arts and Entertainment contribute and stimulate you into affirmative action. Movies, books, and music, the three basic forms of entertainment should not be taken lightly. They give us inspiration and hope of a better life. It is such

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